Wooden Doors


There is nothing more traditional than a wooden door.  At Rockwall Garage Door we offer a wide variety of custom wooden doors, painted or stained per your desires.  This is a great option for classic home designs and is especially fitting for unattached garages on ranch houses.


Full View Garage Doors


Do you have a classic auto or a modern speedster that you want to show off?  Or maybe you've modified your garage to be a work place and show room.  If so, we offer full view garage doors for showing off the interior of your garage.  These glass designs are especially appealing for more modern houses.  We can even offer tinted glass if you want the glass doors to set off the look of your home but don't want nosy neighbors peeking inside.


Residential Steel Garage Doors


Garage Doors don't have to be luxurious to make your home look beautiful.  Our basic steel garage doors are an almost perfect fit for any home, whether it was made in the 19th century or the 21st century.  Choose your color, size, and window style and we'll do the rest.


Carriage House Doors


Do you like the look of carriage house doors?  Rockwall Garage Door offers multiple options to add that look to your garage.  We can install traditional paired carriage house doors that open out or we can install a standard vertical opening garage door that simply looks like a carriage house door.  We offer plenty of flexibility in our custom doors.


Repair, Replace or Install


■ Cable

■ Door Panels

■ Gate Operators

■ Motors

■ Springs

■ Tracks


Call or contact us for a free estimate to avoid potentially replacing your garage door later.

Rockwall Garage Door offers multiple options to add that look to your garage.


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